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Friday, 17 December 2010

Thai Traditional Massage is Famous a Global brand

Traditional Thai Embassy in the world for its soothing and healing about today announced a global brand. But to be sure, the real thing, it is better to travel in Thailand.
One could say that medical tourism as visitors began to massage, traditional Thai massage appreciated for centuries. But it is now one of the various methods available in the medical tourism in Thailand, which has earned a reputation for reliable and affordable work. In addition to massage, the country has earned a reputation for spas and spa visits and surgical procedures such as disease laser, cosmetic and cardio-vascular diseases. Thailand's high standards and skills of health care make it a world leader in medical tourism, while options for a post-holiday for the best doctors in the world.
Traditional style Thai massage includes stretching and deep massage. Known in Thailand as "Nuet Phaeno Boran," or, literally, ancient massage, as in the past, customers typically sit loose, comfortable clothing and lies on a mat on the floor.

Doctors in Thailand are trained and certified and the price is often a fifth of what you pay in Western countries or stations in other parts of the world.
Masseuse or massage therapist based in the client's body to exert a firm rhythmic pressure with your hands and arms are often blocked at the elbow. Legs and feet are used in different positions during the massage and oils are not used. The massage generally follows the sensors of the body - the power lines similar to the meridians or channels in Chinese medicine and Indian nadis in Ayurvedic practice.

    A standard set is usually two or more hours of rhythmic pressure and stretch the body. These can be pulled fingers, feet and ears, fingers, cracking, go back to the client, and the curvature of the recipient in Bhujangasana position Cobra as it is called in yoga. Go back to the client, so that the spine rests on the right massage therapist on his knees, is a trick of that right must be done to prevent what it will do more harm than good.Masseurs or masseuses Good start on the legs, then a course, the body will follow through every corner of pain and tension, ending with a face-up tone.

An important part of Thai Yoga Massage type portions, to cover the sensor of Lom and move the body stimulated by a pumping action, which is connected to the breathing of the patient. lom Sen is often translated as "meridians" and "energy."Thai massage is also known as Thai food and all over the world. And, as with the Thai food, the best place for Thai massage in the country its name, where visitors are guaranteed in good hands

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