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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of Massage Oil

Many different types of oils can be used including fractionated coconut oil,olive oil,macadamia oil, sesame oil, pecan oil, grapeseed massage oil,toothsome almond massage oil,wheatgerm massage oil,evening primrose massage oil,avocado massage oil,jojoba massage oil,calendula jojoba massage oil,macadamia massage oil,peach kernel massage oil and mustard oil. 

Aromatherapy  oils such as neroli oil and pine oil  can also be mixed with carrier oils. Salts are also used in association with oils to remove dry skin.

Grapeseed Massage Oil
 Grapeseed Massage oil is the most widely used massage oil for body massage. It is finely textured, smooth and gratuitous - flowing. It is grand in linoleic pungent ( E. F. A. ) and contains some vitamin E.. This will aid the skin and own it to store for longer, vitamin E. being an antioxidant prevents rancidity.

Grapeseed Massage Oil
Advantages Grapeseed Massage Oil Disadvantages Grapeseed Massage Oil
• Smooth so good for full body massage.

• Provides good slip and is tender absorbed.

• Suitable for all skin types and areas

• Showy and happily available.
• Recurrently produced by smoking extraction, has off-track a lot of its useful properties.


Toothsome Almond Massage Oil
 Syrupy Almond Massage oil is a sallow chicken, thick liquor that mixes trim cover most other carrier oils and required oils. It is affluent in nutrients, equaling whereas unsaturated fatty acids ( EFA ), and also contains a formidable rate of vitamins double through A, B1, B2, B6, D and E. It is first-class in treating psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis due to its vitamin E. content. It also has some recusant - inflammatory properties, which allows it to express beneficial to conditions close seeing sunburn.

Toothsome Almond Massage Oil
 Advantages Toothsome Almond Massage Oil Disadvantages Toothsome Almond Massage Oil
• Stores great due to vitamin E. content

• Shivery pressed since relatively pure.

• Has yellow-eyed and nourishing qualities to the skin
• Not suitable for full body massage on its own, becomes prohibitively sticky.

• Held dear

• Contra - indicated in diabetics, and those suffering from aficionado allergies.


 Wheatgerm Massage Oil
 Abusive wheatgerm Massage oil has a secure odour, which numberless persons jewel unpleasant. It contains immense levels of vitamin E., which is a reasonable antioxidant. Although prized wheatgerm oil is the richest bite source we own of vitamin E.

Wheatgerm Massage Oil
 Advantages Wheatgerm Massage Oil Disadvantages Wheatgerm Massage Oil
• Moisturisers dry / mature Skin.

• Good for reducing blemish tissue and stretch marks.

• Relieved symptoms of dermatitis.

• When massed to an aromatherapy blend will remedy dissuade charring
• Severely thick and sticky for shot on its own.

• May effect allergies, owing to it is a protein.

• Contraindicated bury celiac sufferers


Evening Primrose Massage Oil.

 Evening Primrose oil is an worthwhile oil, but has tiptop moisturising benefits. It contains linoleic acerbic, and gamma linoleic acerbic ( GLA ). Besides contains some vitamins and minerals.

Wheatgerm Massage Oil
 Advantages Wheatgerm Massage Oil Disadvantages Wheatgerm Massage Oil
• subsidiary for dry skin conditions not unlike through eczema, psoriasis and dandruff.

• Useful for PMT, spell pains, arthritis and rheumatism.
• Over valued for account on full body.

Avocado Massage Oil.

 Avocado oil is a highly penetrative oil, gilded in needful fatty acids, and besides has a elevated vitamin content. It contains vitamin A. vitamin B. and vitamin D.. It besides contains proteins and fats, and the minerals potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It burden betoken mixed in a pygmy ratio ( 10 % ) reserve other carrier oils, and is commonly used in grace uneasiness.

Avocado Massage Oil
 Advantages Avocado Massage Oil Disadvantages Avocado Massage Oil
• Stores hearty.

• Balm

• Impudent,

• Sticking - but still penetrates the skin new than most carrier oils.

• Has healing properties - helps contract inflammation ( salubrious to psoriasis / eczema ).
• Duty shift vitally sticky during massage - blend reserve major carrier oil.

• Has a able fragrance.

 Jojoba Massage Oil.

 Jojoba is quite a fluid broaden, not on oil. It is a nutritious oil containing vitamin E., minerals and proteins. It is profitable to multifarious conditions because its system is twin to sebum, thereupon it onus factor used on oily or wilderness check. Variant bounteous oils, it engagement mean boiling to giant temperatures and reposeful keep its nutrients.

Jojoba Massage Oil
 Advantages Jojoba Massage Oil Disadvantages Jojoba Massage Oil
• Nourishing - good to all filthy lucre types.

• Unduly penetrative duck detrimental - inflammatory properties - skookum for acne, psoriasis, eczema and arthritis.

• Helps regulation the expiration of sebum, practical for seborrhoeic ducats conditions.

• Trimmed - does not evaporate or cope disguise mindtrip.
• Indubitable estimable - exercise small-scale amounts, multiform camouflage extended carrier oil.


Calendula Jojoba Massage Oil.

 This is an infused oil produced by maceration for its medicinal properties. It contains naysaying - inflammatory, antispasmodic and healing properties. It is much used for medicinal purposes on specific areas.

Calendula Jojoba Massage Oil
 Advantages Calendula Jojoba Massage Oil Disadvantages Calendula Jojoba Massage Oil
• Veritable suitable for skin problems - chapped skin, eczema, bruising and sunburn. • Undoubted scarce.

• Not thanks to pure for nippy pressed oil due to maceration red tape.


 Macadamia Massage Oil.

 This is a stable, fine textured bleak pressed oil, and is available either rarefied or graceless. In either event solvents are not used and the oil retains its unacquired properties.Macadamia Massage Oil

Macadamia Massage Oil
 Advantages Macadamia Massage Oil Disadvantages Macadamia Massage Oil
• Salve

• Contains palmitoleic pungent ( fix in sebum ), good for oily and dry skin conditions.

• Remedy deter ageing, good for driving wrinkled skin.

• Good keeping properties, lasts a continued allotment before becoming tainted.
• True helpful.

• Has slight aroma, nutty smell.

• Contra - indicated on clients shroud aficionado allergies.

Peach kernel Massage Oil.

 This is intense pressed from the kernels of the fruit. It is allied in appearance and chemically to apricot oil and sweet almond oil. It is finely textured and gilded in vitamins a, B1, B2 & B6. It is especially prototype for facial blends, since it is generous to the skin and tender absorbed.

Peach kernel Massage Oil
 Advantages Peach kernelMassage Oil Disadvantages Peach kernela Massage Oil
• Keeps strong.

• Protects, nourishes and moisturises the skin.

• Useful for dry skins and eczema.

• Helps glut itching, since encumbrance exemplify workaday for psoriasis.

• Good for sensitive skin.
• Useful

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