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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Top 25 Terms Students Need to Know Massage Therapy

During massage therapy inform, students will posses to avail legion terms. The following are the top 25 general massage therapy occupation terms a student should know:

Top 25 Terms Students Need to Know Massage Therapy
Terms Students Need to Know
Amma Chinese massage means of locating the most effectual points for movement and jurisdiction
Asian Bodywork Therapies Bodywork learned during a massage therapy program that is focused on methodical Asian

Ayurvedic Massage Soft tissue clout influenced by Indian theories of health and illness.
Clinical Massage Therapy Using massage to treat medical pathologies.
Cryotherapy Applying frigid for therapeutic purposes.
Deep Tissue Massage Using one finger, manage, several fingers, or the entire hand to intensely massage tissues.
Direct Pressure Applying strength mask form, finger, dig or knuckle to compress tissues.
Esalen Massage Simplified mode of Swedish massage that connects one’s inner self eclipse others; coursework often offered tothose seeking a massage therapy sizable.
Hydrotherapy Using water for therapeutic purposes.
Lomilomi Ancient Hawaiian massage therapy meant for healing.
Myofascial Massage Techniques used to restore motility in fascia and mash rigid connective tissue.
Neuromuscular Therapy Massage used to deactivate myofascial trigger points.
Polarity Therapy Bodywork that balances zing energy and encourages relaxation using touch and kind rocking.
Gestation Massage Bodywork that you may enroll shift getting a massage therapy shading and that is meant to lighten pain and expedient the set needs of meaning sex.
Reflexology Circuit therapy bodywork in which breakneck the feet or hands relieves coextensive body parts.
Shiatsu Japanese bodywork that balances the scamper of deal.
Sports Massage Massage therapy techniques for health, good and likewise performance of athletes.
Stone Massage Using flaming or bitter stones to massage the body.
Swedish Massage A casual medley of massage therapy in health clubs, resorts and spas.
Thai Massage Passive or assisted yoga that focuses on stretching and loosening.
Flushed Therapy Applying heat or icy modalities for therapy.
Tui Na Chinese massage focused on kneading, pushing and stretching.
Western Massage American and European techniques including effleurage, friction, joint movements, petrissage, tapotement, touch - lost - movement and shudder.
Zen Shiatsu Asian bodywork developed by Shizuto Masunaga of Japan.
Zhi Ya Chinese massage based on acupressure.
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